Sunday 27 November 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all diddling this morning?

I've just run the daily virus scan and taken my morning pills, so I'm all set for the day now.  I put in just over 13 hours of care for my carer yesterday so only need to put in 11 hours and 4 minutes of care today to hit the 85 weekly hours.  My carer has provided 1 hour and 29 minutes of care for both of us this week so I doubt he'll even reach 2 hours this week, instead of the well over 35 hours that he says he does and is the minimum requirement to be recognised as and paid for being a carer.  You all know that rant off by heart now though lol

Gotta remember not to open my emails tomorrow morning 'cos of the monthly virus scan and I've gotta weigh myself too.  What do you reckon will have happened to my weight tomorrow?  I desperately want to have put weight on, but I only ate 3 times between Monday and Thursday so I'm thinking that I'll have lost weight, but I pigged out on Friday and yesterday, so I'm hoping that will have helped.  As long as I'm still within the healthy weight range for my height then that's OK, but I wanna be at the top rather than the bottom of the range before the end of December 'cos of not being able to eat until Steve's got through his meat mountain again.  It's only about 4-6 weeks a year that I go without any kind of food at all, so that's far from ideal, but not too bad.  I could have bread and dairy free spread to rapidly increase my calories at the start of this year, but I can't even have that now 'cos Steve needs all the bread for his sandwiches so I'm gonna be losing more and more weight but Steve just doesn't care as long as he eats 3 meals and multiple snacks and drinks each day.

That was a looong paragraph lol

Gotta go and make Steve's first meal of the day now.


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