Monday 21 November 2022

Today's (21st November 2022) breakfast photo

This is my only meal today and it was just my usual Tropical fruits granola and soya milk.  The recycling collectors arrived just as I walked through the living room door, so I had to wait for it after putting it on my table, but the rest of the day will be purely liquids, prolly water so that I can save the squash to take my pills with and we've run out of decaffeinated coffee, so I can only have water or decaff tea today.  Steve's having 4-6 sausages and a 750g bag of onion rings for his lunch and I'll be going without 'cos he had meat on both trays 10 days ago so I can't have anything on them until they've been washed up and the foil changed.

Here's today's breakfast photo:


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