Monday 21 November 2022

Steve's got...

...his third meal of the day made by me on the arm of his chair now and I've taken my last two pills, so he'd better hurry up and eat his tea if he wants me to take his plate back through to the kitchen for him 'cos I refuse to have a third late night on the trot tonight.

As long as he feels up to cooking lunch tomorrow, I'll leave off having breakfast tomorrow so that I can save the soya milk for the days that he doesn't want to cook... if he changes his mind after he's finished eating his breakfast tomorrow then it'll be my first calorie-free day of the week again and I'll just make him a bowlful of vegetarian chicken nuggets for his lunch so that at least one of us eats at lunchtime again.

I've made 100% of his meals today and he's made 0% of mine, same with the drinks - I've made 100% of his drinks and he's made 0% of mine <shrug>

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