Friday 25 November 2022

Nite nite orl

I've put in a 12 hour day today and I've put in 59 hours and 40 minutes of care so far this week, so I'm gonna head to bed now and I only need to put in 24 hours and 20 minutes of care to be able to hit 85 hours this week, in comparison to my carer's 59 minutes of care, so he needs to cram over 34 hours of care into two days (ie 17 hours each day) to even hit the minimum, which just ain't gonna happen in reality - I haven't even managed a 17 hour day so there's no way that my carer will manage it two days on the trot!  If he cooks both days of the weekend, there's a chance that he might just about scrape through 2 hours if he helps to put the rubbish and recycling out on Sunday, but that's nowhere near the 35 hour minimum required to be recognised as a carer!

I'm gonna sign off for the night now.

Nite nite orl.

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