Thursday 24 November 2022

Today's (24th November 2022) breakfast photo

Steve decided that his stomach was too full to have a proper breakfast, so he paid for us to have a Caffe Nero breakfast instead.  I had my usual of a decaff Mocha Grande with soya milk and a shot of salted caramel and two vegan raspberry croissants which has really filled me up and my FitBit app is saying that I've only got 220 calories left today, so I'll definitely be over budget today, assuming Steve (my hubby/carer) cooks for the second time this week, which is exactly what I need to happen for the rest of the week, but I'm not pinning my hopes too high 'cos he only usually cooks 2-3 times a week and today will be number 2 if he cooks, so I've got a maximum of one other cooked meal in 3 days.

He's predictably just decided against cooking lunch, so this breakfast is all I'm going to have all day again but he will, as usual, have 3 meals every day (he's had 10 meals and I've had 3 so far this week), so I'm gonna be underweight when I weigh myself on Monday after missing 7 meals so far this week.

Here's today's only meal photo:

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