Tuesday 22 November 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I've already taken my morning pills and made Steve's breakfast for him.  I'm missing my 3rd meal of the week this morning because Steve is still up for doing lunch for us, so I need to save the soya milk for days that he doesn't fancy cooking.  If he changes his mind then I'll be going totally calorie-free today.  I only ate once yesterday so I haven't eaten for 24 hours now.

Our groceries are due this morning and I'm predicting that Steve will need a wee or more usually a "surprise poo" which will last from the time he closes the front door until I've put everything except the bottles away and all he will do is take them out of the bag and put them on the floor for me to put away - same as every week.

I've just started the daily virus scan... gotta remember to set off the weekly one tomorrow.

Just had the email about our groceries, so I'll do the adding up so that you can see how it's divided between us again this week:

My stuff:  £8.80
Steve's stuff:  £24.14
Joint stuff:  £11.23

So as you can see, yet again, Steve's got well over half of the groceries again.  One of these days it's going to be the joint stuff that's the most expensive!  I'll be able to have breakfast, at least, for a while though, so I will actually be able to get 220 calories into me every day, even if Steve doesn't cook... far from healthy but better than absolutely nothing!

Steve's deeply asleep 'cos he's talking in his sleep, so I can't see him being willing to help with putting the groceries away 'cos he'll be "too tired" and or "need an emergency poo" same as every week.

This blog post is getting waaay too long, so I'm gonna publish it now.

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