Saturday 26 November 2022

Today's (26th November 2022) breakfast photo

Just my usual brekkie again this morning - Tropical fruits granola and loadsa soya milk.

I've got a coffee on the go too, so I'm not allowed any more caffeine this week 'cos I've already had two and my GP said I was only allowed 2-3 lots of caffeine a week and I think I had 3 mugs of coffee last week.  We're right at the bottom of our jar of coffee now though, so there's only enough left for maybe 2 or at a push 3 mugs left then I can crack open the new jar of decaff at the same time as the new jar of caffeinated.

I've seriously struggled to hit 2.5 litres of liquid each day without my decaff instant coffees being available lol

Here's the photo of my breakfast this morning:

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