Tuesday 22 November 2022

Today will be...

...a solid-free day 'cos I didn't have any breakfast and Steve's just said that he's not gonna make lunch after having "all those onion rings" ie 9 rings, so Steve's eaten 5 meals and I've eaten one.  I'll have to make his tea too so he'll have eaten 6 times in 2 days and I'll have eaten once.  I've made all 5 of his meals so far and he hasn't made a single one of me since Friday lunchtime.

He's finished his onion rings now, so I'd best go and take his plate out for him 'cos he never does that either.

It's waffles tomorrow, so if the washing up fairies don't do the washing up overnight, Steve'll be having all 12 of those tomorrow too, just like he's had the entire bag of onion rings all to himself too.

He's just decided that I'll be having a packet of crisps for my lunch - apparently he makes all my meals and drinks for me though <shrug>

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