Tuesday 29 November 2022

Today marks...

...the first meal (as opposed to 6 biscuits, 3 mince pies and a packet of crisps) since last Saturday lunchtime and it's only 'cos I'm cooking it that it's happening at all!  I haven't even been able to have breakfast because Steve's used all of the bowls for his breakfast each morning so this is making me drool.

It could be my only lunch until the weekend unless I'm stable enough to make my own lunch again tomorrow after I've cooked, plated and brought in Steve's for him.  I'm not thinking too far ahead, just wanna get this meal inside me first.

It's only 412 calories, but it's better than I'll potentially have until the weekend (if my carer decides to cook then) and I've got 4 bottles of pop in the fridge that I can have for the rest of the week to try and get a few calories inside me - far from healthy, but better than nothing.

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