Sunday 20 November 2022

Looks like...

...tomorrow will be another day without anything solid in my belly 'cos Steve wants his sausages with the onion rings tomorrow and because he used both baking sheets for his meat this week, I won't even be able to have the onion rings, so Steve'll be having 4-6 sausages and 500g of onion rings for his lunch tomorrow as well as breakfast and tea and I'll be going for the second day without anything solid in my belly.  I've been saying for the last two weeks that I need to put on weight rather than lose it, but going by the small amount I've eating this week, I reckon I'll have lost weight tomorrow and the same next week too if Steve can't motivate himself to cook for both of us.

We've got 2 small packets of vegetarian chicken nuggets that we/he can have for two meals but I've only got enough soya milk for about 3-4 breakfasts, so I'll have to ration myself and only have breakfast on the days that Steve doesn't cook rather than going for 3 or 4 days with absolutely nothing solid in my belly at all, like I have this week.

I suppose I should be used to it by now <shrug>

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