Monday 21 November 2022

Mornin' all

How are you doing this morning?

I've already taken my pills, weighed myself (I've lost another 500g in the last 7 days which means that I'm only 450g within the healthy weight range for my height and if this week is anything like last week, I'll be underweight next week), taken more recycling outside and cared for my carer for 74 minutes so far this morning.  I've got 2 hours and 46 minutes to go before reaching the days minimum.  When Steve's finished getting washed in the kitchen sink I'll go and make breakfast for both of us so that I get to eat my only meal today and Steve has his first of three meals and multiple snacks.


Steve says he's got the caring spreadsheet ready to fill in for the rest of the year and I did some sums first thing this morning and I don't reckon he'll get anywhere near the minimum for the rest of the year combined, let alone this week.  He might just about manage the daily minimum by the end of the month but I don't reckon he'll get anywhere near 5 hours a day, every day. 

When I was sorting and taking out the recycling yesterday, there were 16 empty toilet rolls in the bin and one single roll would last me for 25 days and there was another one in the bin this morning, so in the last 7 days, Steve has used just under 2⅓ rolls every day so it's no wonder that we need to buy a pack of 18 rolls every week and at £4.30 per pack, that works out to be £17.20 a month just on toilet rolls that Steve uses the vast majority of.

The daily virus scan was clear, thankfully.  Steve conveniently forgot to fill up a bottle of squash for me yesterday and overnight, so I've got less than a a quarter of my second bottle left to last me until he gets around to it now.

Have I already said that I've taken my morning pills 'cos I have, so I'm just waiting for the rubbish and recycling to be picked up now so that I can bring the containers back into the house while my carer is in the land of nod.


The recycling has been and gone, we've both had our breakfast but I forgot to publish this before I went to do them both - woops!

My breakfast photo is gonna be in my next post, same as normal.

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