Tuesday 29 November 2022

Today's (29th November 2022) lunch photo

Just had my first meal since Saturday lunchtime and it tasted sooo good!  I had 6 biscuits and 3 mince pies on Sunday and a packet of crisps yesterday, so they don't really count as proper meals, but I made sure I ate today 'cos it's potentially my only meal until the weekend 'cos I've just realised that even if I cook my pizza at the same time as Steve's, I won't be able to eat it 'cos we've only got one pizza cutter which I'll use to cut Steve's up first and because he's got a meaty pizza, the vegetarian in me won't let me use the same thing, so my veggie pizza will go to waste.

It was just a simple vegetarian lasagne ready meal today that I just bunged into the oven for 45 minutes, so far from Gordon Black, but it's all I can make safely.

Steve's got meaty meals between tomorrow and Friday, so I won't be eating again until Saturday, when it's curry and Sunday is a vegetarian pasta bolognaise so if Steve doesn't fancy cooking at the weekend, today's lasagne is my only meal of the week.  Steve'll be OK 'cos he's got sliced meat and cheese slices in the fridge so he can have sandwiches on the days he doesn't feel up to cooking, but I haven't got anything else that I can have so could today be my only meal of the week??

Here's today's lunch photo:

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