Thursday 24 November 2022

That's the menu's sorted for...

...the last 3 weeks of December and I'll be eating a maximum of 5 times during those 3 weeks and if it's anything like the start of November then it'll be at least 2 weeks before Steve makes enough of a dent in his meat mountain in the fridge and freezers before I can even start thinking about maybe being able to eat.  


If JanNo is anything like NaNo was, I won't even be able to eat bread and spread 'cos we need to save 2-3 loaves a week for Steve's tea each evening so if I finish in the first week it's gonna be at least the middle of January before anything other than water and drinking chocolate and maybe the occasional instant soup passes my lips.  I'm sure I'll be eating again before the end of January again though, right Steve?  


I'll have 10 months to put on the weight that I've lost between 1st November and the end of JanNo, so it's no biggie that I'll be at least 3kg underweight by that point, right?

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