Sunday 20 November 2022

It's looking good good for...

...being able to clock up an 88 hour week this week 'cos I'm already over 87 hours and Steve's only just started eating his tea, so I'll have to take his empty plate back through to the kitchen when he's finished eating for the third time today (I haven't eaten at all again) then he'll be asleep for at least an hour after that so I won't be able to have an early night again tonight... dunno why I think I'll get to bed before 8pm any more 'cos it's usually gone 8pm before I'm finally allowed to shut down and another 10 minutes after that before I'm allowed to head to bed.

I've just taken my last two pills of the week, so I hope the side effects are slow to kick in tonight so that I can still take Steve's empty plate through to the kitchen otherwise he'll fall asleep, knock it off the arm of his chair and smash it which'll leave us with one small plate so I won't be able to have bread and dairy free spread when he's had sandwiches the previous night or is using it for his food at the same time, which'll be even less chance of me rapidly increasing my calories so even more chance of me going underweight yet again.

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