Tuesday 22 November 2022

Not doing too bad today

After not eating all day today and making Steve's first 5 meals of the week, I'm actually not feeling too bad so far (so of course I've just jinxed it now lol).  Just waiting for my FitBit to charge up then I'll go and make Steve his first hot drink since yesterday.  I've downed 2 litres of pop this afternoon so that I can get as many calories into me as possible.

I'll hopefully be able to have my first caffeinated drink of the week tomorrow... hopefully it'll wake me up lol

Gotta save up a few quid to send the Yule gifts off next week - they are wrapped and boxed up, I've just gotta weigh them, pay for the postage, organise the collection then it's all sorted for another year.

My carer has got his first 9 minutes of support for the week on the spreadsheet now after helping with the groceries this morning and I'm up to 20 hours already, so I've only gotta put in another 15 hours during the next 5 days to reach the minimum but I'm hoping for another 85 hour week.

OK, my FitBit is now fully charged up again, so I'll go and make my carer his drink and wake him up several times when he falls asleep with it in his hands so that he doesn't spill it all over himself.

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