Tuesday 31 August 2021

First of 2 lunch photos

Nobody commented overnight or this morning 😢 about whether to have 3 posts with 4 photos or just a huuuge single one, so I've decided to do both:  I'll do three individual blog posts with each of the four photos soon after I've taken each one, then I'll put 'em all together into a much longer post so that you've got the choice over which one(s) you see.  They will be the same photos in the individual ones as there will be in the last photo post, but you'll get updates as soon as I've got the photos ready in the individual posts... just make sure not to drool everywhere as you see them 😁


Here's the first photo of today's lunch:

Today is the first of this week's two pazza bakes 😍  Tomorrow is Wednesday so that's a mug of zoop, then curreeee on Thursday (I think) and Friday is the second pazza bake meal so I'll prolly just do one photo/blog post for each of those meals 'cos I can't easily take before and during photos of those lol


Aksherly, scratch that... Steve's just put the cheese on, so I might as well do the second photo in this post then I'll do the normal "after" photos together.  Hold on while I resize the photo:

That's it until dishing up time now though, so I'd best publish this then put my laptop on the floor in preparation.

Be back after lunch.


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