Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Pretty proud of today's activities because...

...not only did I have a productive morning, but I've read and reviewed a couple of children's books this afternoon as well as supporting friends and caring for my carer.  Feeling full of motivation, but I don't think there's anything other than surveys and Facebook left to do now!


Don't suppose anyone has any ideas of vegan things to do with Cous Cous especially but savoury rice too do they pretty please?  We've put some on our order and Steve knows, in theory at least, how to cook cous cous, but because neither of us have eaten it before, we don't know what it goes with!  We've got some frozen vegetables on the same order, but shouldn't there be something else that goes with it?  Like quiche or anything like that?  We've got some Pig-Out rolls that are gorgeous... would they go with it to make a meal or not really please?


Any vegan ideas that are available in the UK (ideally Morrisons, but Tesco will hopefully be OK to at a push) and suitable for vegans would be most welcome in the next couple of weeks!  Thank you so much in advance!

Ooooh!  I know what I can do!  I can go and take a photo of our tomatoes then give them their evening drink!  I'll go for a wee then do that while I remember!


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