Tuesday 24 August 2021

Already achieved a pretty decent amount this morning

So far today I've:

  • Started and completed the daily viru scan
  • Made breakfast for me an' 'im
  • Took the bowls out to the kitchen
  • Taken Steve's recycling through to put in the box
  • Taken my morning pills
  • Watered the tomatoes for the first time today
  • Made a hot drink for both of us


Amazingly my carer has stayed awake all morning so far, but that won't be for long now that he's had his breakfast - I give it under an hour from now😃

I'm gonna take part in an experiment today and drink mainly hot drinks instead of water, to see if that reduces the volume of liquid I consume.

I've put in a grocery order for 3 week's time and we're gonna try cous cous with plenty of veggies as well as savoury rice with veggies that week.  We've got plenty of fruit and 1kg of "wonky carrots" on this coming Monday's order, along with burgers for both of us, so looks like we're having burgers next week then.  As long as it gets eaten as opposed to wasted, I'm fine with that though!

Oh boy, the hayfever has started so it's gonna be a sniffy, sneezy, eye watery, coughy day today by the looks of things.

I was right, up there ⮙⮙, when I said my carer would be asleep in under an hour... he didn't even make it to half an hour, let alone an hour!  😄

Gonna charge up my FitBit, but for now it's time to publish this and get on with my day.  Be back again later, as always.

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