Saturday, 28 August 2021

Today's lunch photo

I've just made Steve's lunch (Mac 'n' cheese MugShot) and I'm having pudding with mine - biscuits.  Here's the photo for today:

Yup, two slices of bread and four biscuits is my lunch today.

Totals for meal-making are now, officially (out of a potential 12):

Steve's cooked for:  3 meals
Amanda has made:  9 meals

Might as well do the caring totals so far this week too, just while I've got the page open:

Steve's care of Amanda:  2 hours 19 minutes
Amanda's care of Steve:  58 hours 19 minutes
and counting, 'cos he's just started his afternoon snooze so I'd better take his mug into the kitchen before he knocks it over and smashes it.

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