Thursday, 26 August 2021

Mornin' all

Having a good morning so far today so I hope it continues.

I've given the tomatoes their first drink of the day and there are already more red ones than there were yesterday morning, so hopefully I'll be able to pick another couple tomorrow and maybe a couple on Saturday too, as well as possibly on Sunday, then we'll have to wait for the green ones to ripen up for a few more days, but right now we've got a small daily supply out there until the weekend. 

I'm thinking I'll only have a couple of slices of toast a day so that my calorie count doesn't go through the roof and make me put on weight when I should be maintaining.


Gotta remember to charge up my fitness tracking watch, so I'm gonna do that now before I forget... OK, it's plugged in now.


I've sent a book review to Amazon for a book that has been released today but I got an ARC of so that is another thing off my to-do list.

The virus scan is underway and I've taken my morning pills, so time to crack on with the news now I reckon.  Gotta make a hot drink for Steve first though!

It's "sweeping the floors" on today's housework list, so I expect I'll have to do that too, despite Steve promising to help.

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