Wednesday, 25 August 2021

Steve's just had his tomato

It's taken him almost 10 hours, but he's finally chomped down on his tomato and was impressed that I hadn't poisoned him with it lol  He nodded when I said "they're really sweet to ain't they?" and replied "not very pippy either" then showed me his bitten into tomato and it looked almost seedless, but that could just because it was smaller than the ones you get from the shops.  Gonna leave it a couple of days before I harvest any more so that they have a chance to redden and ripen a bit more, but we're into the harvesting as opposed to growing part of gardening now.  


Still got loads of green oblangular ones that'll be interesting to see what happens to - if they grow more and fill out or if they will be harvested with their current shape.

After watering the blimmin' things for so many months with no thanks for it, it's good to finally get to taste the fruits of my labour that Steve's still taking credit for, despite literally throwing a bowlful of water at them from the back door once since we've had them!  That's a rant I've been having for months though, that I'm sure you're all bored to the back teeth of now lol

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