Saturday, 28 August 2021

We're gonna have a lot of mince-y meals!

I've just discovered 3 packets of Quorn mince literally stuck to the bottom of the freezer and Steve's got at least 3 meals that I can't have (2 chilli con carne tins and a jar of Korma sauce) but we will have officially emptied the freezer for the first time in at least a decade then!  Maybe I'll use my savings to restock the freezer again so that we aren't tempted to stock and forget again?  I'm proud of us for getting to this stage though... an almost-empty cupboard, almost-empty chest freezer and pretty much empty small freezer too.  I've taken off the mince and added chilli power instead but other than that, everything is the same as it was a few minutes ago lol


We've wasted way too much money on food we've bought then forgotten and that's never going to happen again, right Steve?


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