Tuesday, 31 August 2021

That's the 3rd week's groceries ordered now, and...

...it was considerably easier and less stressful than it usually is.  I've got quite a bit of stuff on there for a change, but I doubt most of it will still be there the day before it's due for delivery.


The totals of the shop I've just done currently look like this:

My stuff:  £8.24
Steve's stuff:  £15.85
Joint stuff:  £17.21

So it's a lot more of my stuff than normal, but I bet it won't stay like that!

Talking of money, Steve's just admitted that he had to re-borrow the £30 he "paid back" to cover his mobile phone bill, exactly as I predicted when he promised the date he'd pay the two August loans back (totalling £52)... yet he can afford to spend money on Patreon things and using his internet connection while he's at the doctors and stuff.  His current loans total is £2,190 and that's taking off over £1500 so that I could pay back the less than £200 he lent me soon after I became disabled.  I've got a record of when and how much I paid back, so if he complains about that in future, I'll be able to add the money to his debts.

He should be grateful that I'm not charging interest, sending reminder letters or affecting his credit score like banks would!

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