Sunday 19 June 2022

That's... an' 'im fed, me watered along with the seedlings/plants and the butterflies' seedlings have had a mini growth spurt in the last 24 hours 'cos there is one seedling in particular that's around ⅓ bigger than it was yesterday!!  There are still only 3 ever so tiny butterfly seedlings, but that's OK with me 'cos the other 4 pots (2x bees and 2x weeds lol) are absoutely thriving now!  The weeds are already flowering each day so that's food for the bees already, even if nothing else flowers!

I've done what needs to be done on the forum and my carer is deeply asleep and snoring his head off, so I'm predicting that he'll wake up and have to rush to the bathroom 'cos he said he needed a wee before falling asleep, so he'll need to go even more when he eventually wakes up!

Yep, he's just woken up and gone steaming straight out of the living room to the bathroom lol

My carer has cared for me for less this entire week so far than I have for him this morning alone and there's no way he can hit the minimum required caring now even if he does nothing but care for me between now and midnight 'cos that's only 15 hours and he owes me 32 hours of care before he even approaches the minimum.  Even if he makes lunch, I very much doubt he'll even reach 10% of the required care for this week to be recognised and paid as a carer, whereas I've already doubled the minimum as of 6.30pm yesterday <shrug>

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