Sunday 19 June 2022

Just chomping my way through...

...a serving of peanuts and realised, while I was logging it in my FitBit app, that I've eaten 3 times today and consumed calories 4 times!

I also realised that the peanuts are less than 200 calories per serving rather than the almost 600 that I thought according to what was already in he app!  I know which one it is now though, so I don't have to worry so much about burning them off now and I can easily get through two servings a day if I want to, as well as being able to eat properly on the days I have them.

I'm hoping that I'll be comfortably within my healthy weight range again when I way myself tomorrow morning - closer to the top of it ideally, and I'm thinking that, assuming I am, I'll only exercise on the high calorie days and they will only be for half an hour once a day, instead of an hour twice a day like last week or an hour once a day like this week.  It's gonna take a while to work out what is right for me and my body so that I can stay comfortably within the range, rather than eating and no exercising one week, becoming overweight, then eating significantly fewer calories and exercising for 2 hours a day, every day the next week then no exercising again the third week and the cycle starting again.  I need to work out what is right for me and my body now and that's gonna take a little while, so I'll just have to be patient and try different things until I find something that works for me.


Just worked out that tomorrow's lunch alone (so no breakfast or drinks or snacks or anything like that) will be a huuuuge 1,468 calories, so we'll see what the scales say in the morning and let that be the decider on if I do any laps or not.  Judging by this weeks graph, I've been significantly under budget for my calories every day except Tuesday when I was slightly over, so a high calorie day tomorrow should be fine... especially if I'm in the lower part of the weight range, but we shall see what happens, how I feel and what my body says tomorrow.

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