Thursday 23 June 2022

Book Review: "Still Born" by Guadalupe Nettel (Author), Rosalind Harvey (Translator)

⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I'll start this book review off by saying that each book I read and review starts off with the full 5 stars and that I'm always hopeful that they will still be firmly in place by the time I finish reading.

I got this book for free from Net Galley with the publishers approval, in exchange for me putting up this honest review.

It's apparently 200 pages long and translated, so I'll try and remember that as I read.

Let's get reading!

Wow!  I've already read 10% of the book and haven't even thought about adding to this review yet... could this be a full 5 star book?  I certainly hope so!

This is a great book and I'm wondering what will happen as the months continue and afterwards too... will it all get too much or will the main characters maternal instincts start to kick in?

Are famous singers names (potentially being used without permission) something that would get you into legal hot water?  I know that song titles and lyrics can, but what about actual people please?  Either way, the author has used several of them and my hubby says that he doesn't think it's copyright/trademark infringement, so the star is staying in place right now, but it's looking wobbly 'cos of my uncertainty.

Ooooh!  Could that be the start of the main character changing her mind?  Considering it's so early in the book, I think it just might be and I'm seriously hoping I'm not wrong!

OMGosh!  What awful news for them both!  No spoilers, but this is gonna be a hearbreaking book by the looks of things!

The author is seriously pulling at my heartstrings now and the main character seems to be starting to change her mind ever so gradually too.  I'm only about a quarter of the way through, but I can feel the tears starting to prickle at the back of my eyes and my heart is being pulled in all directions already.  My initial thoughts on this book is that if you're looking for an emotionally heart-breaking read, you should definitely invest in this book.

Here comes the heartbreaking bit... my eyes are already welling up!

Oooh!  I'm glad I kept reading instead of going to bed lol  It's not such instantly heart-breaking news like I thought!

I'm up to "Part II.I" now, so I'm thinking now would be a good time to shuffle off to beddy-byes.

This is a surprising book that knows exactly how to twang my heart-strings, get me on the verge of tears, then release me with something positive.

I'm starting to see why the author has chosen the title too... I initially thought it was a translation blooper, but it's not.

More positivity where I didn't think there was any... this is an absolutely incredible book!

Nooooo!!!!  The author has used a famous fictional character, and a social media site, undoubtedly without permission, so like with other 5 star books I've read, it's now a 4 star book which is a huuuge disappointment.  Readability-wise it's still very much a 5 star book, but my sense of fair play is over-riding, just like with each of the other books too, so this is, very reluctantly, a 4 star book.

I like Marlene already.  She's got confidence and curiosity and wants only what is best for Ines and she's keeping the parents up to date every evening which is just how it should be in my opinion!

Oh yes, Marlene is definitely Ines' spokesperson and I'm starting to appreciate just how much she means to Alina especially.

OMG!  Poor boy!  I hope that the main character can get the boy the help and treatment he needs!


I've just finished reading and while I've been stunned and surprised several times, there haven't been any tears.

I'm breathless and hoping for a sequel.

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