Wednesday 22 June 2022

Book Review: "Don't Turn Away" by Penelope Campling


⭐⭐⭐⭐ out of 5

I want to start off this review in the same way as the majority of my other book reviews, by saying that every book I read starts off with the full 5 stars and that I' always hopeful that they will all still be stuck firmly in place by the time I close the back cover.

I'm not sure how many pages this book has got, so I dunno how long it'll take me to read it.  I got this book for free on NetGalley, thanks to the publishers approval on the understanding that I'd write and publish this honest review online, so that's what I'm doing.

Let's get reading.

It says on the first page of my ARC that it's an "uncorrected proof" so I'll let any woopsies slide and hope they are picked up before it's published.

It's great that the author has included the details of the Samaritans in the introduction and advised that her book covers difficult topics - does that mean it's gonna be a tear-jerker, heart-breaker or both?

Ah right.  There's about 300 pages in this book, so that's potentially a day and a half to 2 days' reading, so I'm prepared now.

I'm loving this book so far... it's talking about the author in the early days of her career as a junior doctor and her ideas about one of the patients not drinking led to a test, then a diagnosis and the patient drinking again!

Where on earth has the morning disappeared to?!  It only feels like 10 minutes ago that I was stopping reading so that I could have my lunch but it's almost 3 hours later because I've been so absorbed in it!  Those five stars are all still firmly in place!

Oh dear, unfortunately my sense of fair play has kicked in and a star is being knocked off for using a famous fictional character potentially without permission, so sadly we're now down to 4 stars - I hate it when an otherwise incredible book forces me to do that!

Been reading all morning and I'm now at the epilogue.  I didn't realise just how hard it is for the mental health doctors and nurses and the pandemic has just made it so much worse for them all!  I want to thank each and every MH bod for what they go through on a daily basis with such a small amount of support and funding - it's not an easy career choice and they all work their fingers to the bone and cry real tears for each of their patients.  Thank you so much to each and every one of you.

Just finished reading and it can all be summed up in one single, three letter word:  WOW!

I will obviously never know the details of any of these experiences 'cos I don't know the author personally and don't live in her area, but so much of what she was saying has been my own personal experience and, I'm guessing, so many others too.

Thank you for opening my eyes and for the love, care and support you have shown to your patients over the last 40 years, Penelope Campling.

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