Monday 20 June 2022

That's Steve fed for the second time today

Just made Steve's lunch for him of 6 Linda McCartney sausage rolls and a pretty decent amount of veg.  I'm having a 2 litre bottle of Morrisons cream soda for my lunch and I had my last Graze punnet and a drinking choccie for breakfast, so hopefully that'll take me into the green or even red today instead of the blue.  It certainly won't be as significantly blue as last week 'cos I'm not exercising this week.  I've already consumed (as opposed to eaten) over 1,000 calories today and the cream soda will be about 20 more, so barely worth mentioning, but I'm over 1,000, so I'm happy with that.

Steve's feedback on the sausage rolls is that "they're very dry" so I/we will have to use egg wash on them next time because Steve doesn't like soya milk and I can't have his lactose free milk without it affecting me badly for hours if not days afterwards, but it means buying 6 eggs and barely using a single one.

I'll stick a couple of boxes of the Naughty Vegan ones on next weeks shop so that Steve can have 6 and I'll have 2 along with us both having chips and veggies with them next Sunday.

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