Tuesday 28 June 2022

Steve's had his second meal of the day...

...made by me, which is already double the amount he's made for me all week and if you include yesterday for me too, I've made triple his meals and he's eaten 5 times compared to my twice.  I'm currently 11 minutes away from caring for him for the minimum of 5 hours a day to be recognised as a carer and he's only managed 32 minutes of care for me combined... apparently he "do[es] everything for her" including "I make all her meals and drinks for her" which is total bollox.

My lunch today was 4 slices of bread and vegan spread while my carer had soup and now crisps for his lunch and a bowl of Shreddies for his breakfast.  He's already said that he wants ham sandwiches for his tea because he's got some left over from last week as well as today's meat, so it looks like I'll be making all his meals for him again today.

Time to do the watering, then put my lunch photo up, then sort out the FitBit thing ready to go onto my homepage.

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