Monday 20 June 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this cool morning?

I'm doing OK... managed to get 9 hours and 6 minutes of sleep and I was only restless 4 times according to my FitBit app.

I've taken my morning pills and Steve's last minute recycling outside then weighed myself.  I'm 100g below where I'd ideally like to be, but still well within the healthy weight range for my height.  Means I'm gonna be eating but not exercising this week, so that I can stay around about where I am now.  The plan to exercise on high calorie days like today is on hold and I'll be aiming to be in the green rather than the blue this week, but if I sneak into red, then that's OK too!

I've made Steve a hot drink and watered the seedlings/plants.  The 38 Degrees bee plants took the best part of a litre of water this morning.  One of the butterfly seedlings has grown a little bit more overnight, so maybe they just need warmer temperatures before they start growing??

My belly is already rumbling, so I'm gonna go and make myself a drinking choccie to try and keep it going until lunchtime.  Gotta remember to put my FitBit spreadsheet for last week up on my homepage too as well as making Steve's breakfast for him.

Better publish this before I forget again.


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