Saturday 25 June 2022

Busy afternoon!

After the delivery came, I did a stock-take, updated the list, rearranged the cupboard using ¼ of the delivery and realised that I need to do a big sort out of the rest of the cupboard after I put the rubbish and recycling out tomorrow.  There are pots and pans spilling over from one side of the cupboard to the food side, so I need to do some tidying up then I can sort out the rest of the food so that the cupboard is a lot tidier.  Small but regular tidying up after my carer is the way to go I reckon... it would, of course, help if he put things back into their homes instead of just leaving it on his stool for me to deal with.  We've added a couple of things to the shop that's due on Tuesday to try out and see if we like it and I've put a couple of loaves of bread on too so that they can stay at the bottom and I can put things on top of them so that I don't risk falling into the freezer then.


Thanks to the stock-take I've been able to put 3 things onto Olio and I've just gotta get rid of two half bags of seriously out of date flour tomorrow, then I can recover for a couple of hours before starting to organise the pots and pans side.


I'll sleep well tomorrow lol


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