Thursday 23 June 2022

Mornin' all

How's it going for you this morning?

I've dropped and can't find one of my prescribed pills, so I'm glad that we don't have a pet any more otherwise they would find it, eat it and die and it'd be all my fault.

On less worrying news, the daily virus scan was still clear but Steve's wasted even more of my money by leaving, as predicted yesterday, half a packet of ham that went out of date yesterday "I've still got another 3 packets in the fridge though, so I'll have those instead" according to Steve, which isn't the point and I'm predicting that at least one of those packets will go to waste too, but because it's not Steve paying, it doesn't matter 😡.


It's soup on the menu for lunch today, which I'll have to make for Steve and go hungry again myself.  I've only had one proper lunch so far this week (or 2 if you include yesterday's tub of ice cream) but Steve's had 9 proper meals so far this week and I'll have to go and make his tenth when he wakes up.  He's also had (and left to go cold) 7 hot drinks so far this week and hasn't had more than a mouthful of any of them... my last hot drink was last week - apparently "I make all her meals and drinks for her" though <shrug>

I've got that book to finish reading and reviewing this morning, so hopefully that'll quickly improve my mood.  Gotta make Steve's breakfast and water the seedlings/plants first though.

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