Friday 24 June 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?


I didn't manage to get my early night after all 'cos my carer needed more support, so I put in a 12 hours and 46 minute day by the time I was able to crawl into bed.  My carer's weekly total of care for me is currently 53 minutes, so I've already cared more for him this morning alone than he's cared for me all week... you all know that rant by now, so I won't repeat it.


Almost time to take my pills, then make my carer's breakfast for him when he wakes up, then I'll go and water the plants and seedlings.


According to the menu, it's an easy lunch today, so I stand a small chance of eating today, for the second time this week.  Steve's having SuperRice ("just one packet this time 'cos I struggled to eat two last time") and I'm potentially having cous cous.  Quick and simple.  I'll do Steve's first so that he can be eating and I'll put my laptop on the floor so that I can slide my bowl straight onto the table when it's ready to eat.


The daily virus scan was still clear, which is reassuring, so I'm all set for the day now.


Steve's deeply asleep 'cos he's snoring and isn't moving so he's well into the land of nod, so I'm gonna use the opportunity to take my morning pills.  He's just woken up and needs a wee, so I'll take my pills while he's in the bathroom then make his breakfast for him, then go out and water the plants.




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