Thursday 23 June 2022

Just done a bit of...

...editing to next week's menu 'cos we were going to have spaghetti bolognaise twice that week, so we're having hot dogs on the Saturday now.  I've got the menu sorted for 3 weeks' time too and we're below the budget each week without me needing to sacrifice anything so far.  We've got burgers as well as the hot dogs next week and it sounds like I'll be doing tomorrow's lunch 'cos Steve cooked 2 days ago and doesn't fancy doing it again tomorrow... it's easy enough thankfully, just vegetable SuperRice for him that's got an allergen in it so I'm having cous cous instead.  


Assuming Steve cooks all weekend, I'll only have missed 3 lunches and 7 breakfasts this week, which is good going.  I've made 3 of the four lunches this week, as well as breakfast every day for Steve... it's just Monday, yesterday and today that I haven't eaten at lunchtime other than a pot of ice cream yesterday but that doesn't count 'cos it's not a proper meal lol

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