Saturday 25 June 2022

There were only...

...two pieces of news divided across all 3 places that I put it today.  The site that had both pieces of news hadn't had anything since the start of the month, but it's there now.

I'm pondering on studying this afternoon, but there's also a part of me saying that I should get started on the editing again... which do you reckon I should do please?

My carer is still in the land of nod and neither of us have had any breakfast today, so hopefully that means he'll be so hungry at lunchtime that he'll cook for the second time this week.  It's a relatively simple meal of onion rings, chips and veg but it'll be the first time we've tried using two trays in the new oven, so I hope they both fit lol

I've written to Steve's GP about how much he's sleeping again and offered to send him the spreadsheets I've been keeping so hopefully Steve will be able to get a replacement device to help him like it used to when he first got it before he lost it.  I've also said about the videos I've got of him asleep during the day as proof of what I'm saying, despite Steve's lies about how much he does for me.

I've also printed off the list of food we've got that I'm hoping is accurate, but my carer tends to have midnight snacks without telling me, so I'm assuming that there are things missing that my carer has eaten and not told me about, so I'll do that while my carer is asleep again this afternoon.

Only 20 minutes until lunchtime and me eating for the second time this week!!

Just had the email come through about the delivery of the wire baskets I bought yesterday to try and keep the cupboard a bit more organised... I'm thinking/hoping for 2 baskets on the top shelf for jars and cans and two on the bottom to have bigger things like Steve's boxes of cereal and my granola, but we shall see for sure when they arrive.  It's due between 1pm and 3pm so I'll use the opportunity to do the updates on our available food at the same time.  Means it'll definitely have to be an early lunch today though, or I'll be answering the door with a gob-full of food!  lol

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