Monday 27 June 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

I took the couple of cardboard trays, from the multi-packs of peach and lemon instant teas, out to be recycled this morning and it was starting to spit with rain, so the Green Man might be saving me the task of watering the plants/seedlings this morning if He decides to let it rain enough, but I will potentially still have to do it at lunchtime.

I've taken my morning pills and weighed myself so sent Steve an email asking that we eat properly every day this week so that he can't deny that I've asked.  I'm right at the bottom of my healthy weight range so wanna try and gain about a kilo this week so that I'm middly to top of the range again.

The daily virus scan was reassuringly still clear and apparently AVG have another fan in my BIL as of last night, when it got rid of some malware on his Mac for him.  Apparently the reason that Steve doesn't use it is 'cos "it messes up my programmes occasionally when I've had it installed" which happened a couple of times right at the start for me, but I just tweaked a couple of settings et voila - it runs as soon as I log into Windows and I couldn't be without it any more!

On the to-do list for today is rushing backwards and forwards to the bathroom after having all three of my allowed weekly servings of caffeine this morning, schmooze with the rubbish and recycling collectors, bring the rubbish and recycling containers back into the house, make my carer's breakfast for him, support my carer as he talks about a family health issue that occured overnight, support my carer as he catches up on his sleep again, take my lunchtime pill, potentially make lunch for my carer (although I'm hoping he'll do it instead, for safety reasons), potentially water the seedlings and plants twice, give the OXO cubes to someone who is coming to pick them up at 9.45am then the rest of the day is mine.  Gotta sort out the news in between all of that too lol

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