Sunday 19 June 2022

Achieved a pretty decent amount this morning!

I can't remember everything I've done, but the most important ones are that I've:

  • had breakfast for the first time in more than 2 weeks
  • taken my morning pills
  • watered the plants/seedlings
  • sorted out the forum
  • tidied up my bit next to the sofa and rediscovered the gardening gloves, gardening scissors and gardening tags with the pen in the box too
  • written to my GP
  • rediscovered my previous two water bottles that I use for my pill-taking squash and recycled them
  • recycled 3 boxes and a paper bag.

I reckon today is a high pollen count day around here 'cos I've been sneezing my head off, my eyes are itchy and watering and my throat is scratchy.  I haven't got a cold or covid and the living room window and back door are open (thanks to my carer), so it's pretty much guaranteed to be hayfever.

I'm gonna go for a wee then get started on my last laps of the week, then try and motivate my carer to make lunch for us.  He's done well to make three meals (I've made 11 for him) so far this week though, so I'm not gonna complain if he wants another day off.

I've gotta remember to put the rubbish and recycling out after lunch which I'm hoping my carer will help with, but won't be surprised if he doesn't 'cos that's pretty normal for him.


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