Sunday 26 June 2022

Today's (26th June 2022) lunch photo

Today's lunch was my third meal of the week and a yummy vegetarian spaghetti bolognaise with extra onions and frozen veg added to the vegemince and vegetable pasta sauce to try and get a few more goodies into our bodies.

We're mainly eating at home now (other than Steve's 3 take-away tea's and a Subway delivery for one lunch this week) which is considerably better than it was a few months ago and the daily "menu" definitely helps with us knowing what needs to be cooked each day, which helps with the weekly groceries and keeping within the budget and not wasting too much food now!


I'm thinking I'll have lost too much weight this week though, so if I have, I'll have to have a couple of slices of toast with 300 calorie vegan spread on each one... I'm hoping that's not the case though, 'cos my body is used to only eating once a day now.


It's our 20 year wedding anniversary next week and we're going over to see my in-laws on the Sunday, so there probably won't be a photo that day 'cos I won't be eating breakfast, potentially missing lunch ('cos I get travel sick) and won't be eating after 5pm 'cos of the travel sickness and it weighing too heavily on my stomach and making me nauseous when I go to bed.

Here's today's photo:

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