Tuesday 21 June 2022

That's 5 out of 6...

...meals missed so far this week and I doubt I'll be eating anything at all tomorrow 'cos of the backups not finishing until about 2pm and I won't be having any tea, like usual, so my entire calories will come from drinks tomorrow.  I can't even have breakfast 'cos Steve's milk is taking up the entire door of the fridge, so I'll have nowhere to put my open milk, so Steve'll be eating 9 meals (and several snacks) in 3 days and I'll only have eaten once (today's lunch) in the same amount of time.  Apparently he "makes all her meals and drinks for her" though <shrug>  It's been getting on for a year (at least, maybe even over a year by now) since he made me my last hot drink too.

Ho hum.


I've cared for my carer for very nearly 10 hours today and he's only cared for me for 41 minutes since the stroke of midnight yesterday.  I've got less than 14 hours of care left to provide by midnight on Sunday and Steve's still got over 30 hours so I'm predicting right now that he won't manage it yet again and also that I doubt I'll get even 5 hours of care out of him.

I've taken my last pills of the day, so I'm just waiting for the side effects to kick in now, then I can head to bed.

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