Monday 20 June 2022

Schmoozing with the recyclers this morning earnt me a...

..."have a good day" and I got the bag and boxes put together and handed to me!  Steve goes "I heard you schmoozing with them... you wanna be careful or they'll be putting up our Council Tax and inviting us to their Christmas do! lol".  I like to think that it cheers them up ever so slightly while they're doing what might be a disgusting job at times and is certainly dirty too!  It doesn't cost a penny to just say "morning!" to them when they pick it up and take it over to the truck and then saying "thank you" when they bring it back to the pavement... those three words might be their only positive in their job - especially having to start so early in the mornings too!

Just one more set of schmoozing to do then that's it for another week.

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