Saturday 25 June 2022

Mornin' all

That's a new one to add to the lack of love I get from my husband then.

I came downstairs absolutely freezing cold, came into the living room and discovered that the fan was going full blast and Steve was deeply asleep, topless, same as always, so I went for a wee and put my winter coat on to try and stop myself from getting hypothermia.  Steve woke up about half an hour later and goes "I was baking hot last night" then noticed my wearing my coat and goes "I'd better turn the bloody fan off then!  Doesn't matter how hot I am!" so I've had to take my coat and cardigan off and risk getting hypothermia because my carer is hot.  The living room door will be wide open all day for the same reason and he'll prolly open the kitchen and living room windows and the back door too "so that I can cool down a bit" He's around the corner from the door and the living room window, but I'm directly in front of both of them, so I get to be freezing cold when Steve's hot and he gets all the heat from the heater in Winter 'cos he's right next to the heater and decides that he's too hot after turning it on for half an hour even though the heat hasn't reached me yet, then turning it off 'cos he's come up to the right temperature. Basically, the temperature of the living room and house is based on what Steve decides and it doesn't matter how cold I am.

I've taken my morning pills and I'm gonna go and make myself a hot drink while Steve's asleep so that I can try and warm up a bit.

Steve promised, last night, that we'll have porridge for breakfast this morning, but I can't see that happening 'cos he's already so hot, so I'll go and make him his breakfast and go without yet again and he'll be too hot to be in the kitchen, so I'll have to cook his lunch for him too, and potentially go without my 4th (if you include the ice cream as a meal) or 5th (if you don't) lunch of the week.  Steve's eaten at least 3 meals and several snacks every day and, by the looks of things, 3 cakes that were 12 servings each (so 36 servings) in 5 days, which means he's eaten 15 meals, countless snacks, hot drinks on demand and 36 portions of cake in 5 days.  OTOH, I've eaten twice this week.

I've taken my morning pills and run the virus scan so I need to go and do the watering of the plants and seedlings then go and make myself a hot drink.  I've just sneezed so that's either hayfever or a cold starting already 'cos I'm not allowed to get my body temperature up above freezing.

Apparently my sister-in-law could be coming over this morning too, to drop off my magazines... I hope they aren't in stock though, 'cos the last thing my body needs is more cold on top of what I'm already putting up with.

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