Tuesday 21 June 2022

That's the groceries...

...brought in and put away, so my carer's running total so far this week is 16 minutes and mine is almost 25 hours, but apparently I'm not the carer and I don't do anything to support him <shrug>


Apparently we're still having the spag bol for lunch with some onions and veg added and I've already got the sauce out in preparation, so I'm trying to remain hopeful that I will actually get to eat a proper meal for the first time this week.  I've got some me-friendly vanilla ice cream that I can have with lashings of maple syrup on the days that my carer doesn't cook now - far from healthy, but better than nothing.


Time to update the available food list with all our new groceries now, then I can carry on reading and reviewing the book after I've made myself another drink.


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