Monday 27 June 2022

Another update to today's to-do list

Just had my lunch and taken my afternoon pill so my days to-do... just brought in Steve's delivery, so the list now looks like this:

  • rushing backwards and forwards to the bathroom - ongoing
  • schmooze with the rubbish and recycling collectors - done
  • bring the rubbish and recycling containers back into the house - done
  • make my carer's breakfast for him - done
  • support my carer as he talks about a family health issue that occured overnight - ongoing
  • support my carer as he catches up on his sleep again - ongoing
  • take my lunchtime pill - done
  • potentially make lunch for my carer - my carer made it today
  • potentially water the seedlings and plants twice
  • give the OXO cubes to someone who is coming to pick them up at 9.45am - done
  • answer the door to and bring in my carer's delivery from Amazon - done

So all that's left to do is watering the seedlings and plants, which I'll go and do now then I can just lig around online all afternoon.


Gonna go and do the watering so that I can cross the final thing off today's to-do list. 

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