Monday 27 June 2022

Updated to-do list for today

Update on this morning's to-do list and my carer has added another item to it...


So far this morning I've crossed off: 

  • rushing backwards and forwards to the bathroom - ongoing
  • schmooze with the rubbish and recycling collectors - done
  • bring the rubbish and recycling containers back into the house - done
  • make my carer's breakfast for him - done
  • support my carer as he talks about a family health issue that occured overnight - ongoing
  • support my carer as he catches up on his sleep again - ongoing
  • take my lunchtime pill
  • potentially make lunch for my carer
  • potentially water the seedlings and plants twice
  • give the OXO cubes to someone who is coming to pick them up at 9.45am - done
  • answer the door to and bring in my carer's delivery from Amazon

So I've just got one more thing to do this morning which is due to happen any time between now and 1.45pm, then everything else will have to wait until around lunchtime-ish.


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