Tuesday 28 June 2022

Steve's awake and gone for a poo, sooo...

...I've given the seedlings and plants their first watering of the day before the weeds even woke up this morning, so it's earlier than I was thinking!

I'm predicting that Steve's fallen asleep on the toilet 🚽 again, so it's a good job I went for a wee before he went in lol

I'm about to start reading and reviewing the book now - it's a children's picture book so hopefully it'll be done and dusted well before our groceries turn up.

I've just heard Steve filling the kettle in the kitchen, so I was wrong about him falling asleep my the sounds of things, sorry about that.  I just hope he doesn't fall asleep while he's getting washed in the kitchen sink, 'cos the last thing the NHS need is to come out with their inflatable chair again!

I'm gonna get cracking with the reading now... BBL

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