Sunday 31 July 2022

Just had my tea...

...which was the leftover "chicken" fillet from lunch and I'm gonna go and get myself the ice cream now, even though I'm not hungry... it'll send my calorie count for today through the roof though, which'll hopefully help me to have put on weight tomorrow.

I was still well within the healthy weight range for my height on Monday, but a little bit lower than I wanna be, so I've been aiming to turn the FitBit graph as red as possible this week.  I was significantly in the red at the start of the week, but not so much from Thursday onwards so I've got no idea what my weight'll be like tomorrow.  I'm totally up for restarting my laps if I've gone over or eating another red week next week if I've somehow lost more weight.

Apparently I'm cooking 3 of the meals next week (4 if you include the instant soup on Thursday) so that my carer gets a bit of a break from cooking on those days and we stand a chance of having home-cooked food as opposed to take-aways each day too.

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