Sunday 24 July 2022

Potentially missing...

...three meals next week.  My carer will be eating at least twice (usually three times) every day, but I will potentially be going hungry on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 'cos they are on the menu as meals that I can make and it won't be safe for me to stay on my feet to make anything for myself after I've made my carer's second meal each day.  I'm potentially making tomorrow's lunch too, so I'll hopefully be eating tomorrow if I put enough pasta into the pan for both of us, but if Steve's especially hungry (like this morning with his breakfast) then he'll have half of my meal too.  I'll just have to try and motivate him to make Tuesday's (Pasta Bake), Friday's (sausages, chips and veg) and Saturday's (spaghetti bolognaise) lunches, but I'm predicting right now at 9.47am that he'll come up with an excuse not to make them for us, so I'll have to make him a sandwich and go hungry those days too.

If my prediction turns out to be true, Steve'll be eating 21 times (or more if he has snacks and take aways) and I'll potentially only be eating 4 times but it's more likey I'll be eating once, if that, so I'll need to resort to bread 'n' spread so that I don't get underweight again.  Gotta save the bread for Steve's tea though, so potentially not even that... could just be several drinking chocolates a day to increase my calories, which I ain't happy about.

So much for "I make all her meals and drinks for her" eh?

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