Friday 29 July 2022

Morning all

Hrinow are you all doing this morning?

I've already charged up my FitBit and my mobile phone is charging up too.

It looks like Steve bought 12 cookies yesterday afternoon which I'm not happy about at all 'cos I'm predicting at 6.29am that he'll want to have them for his breakfast and/or lunch which means I'll be going hungry yet again.  He tells everyone that he makes all my meals and drinks for me but he's only made one meal so far this week and he hasn't made me a drink (other than bottles of squash) since I started drinking tea and coffee back in 2019 and he's made maybe 4 or 5 since then instead of every drink for me!

I've been working overtime since about 8.30am yesterday and my carer hasn't even made it to 1½ hours all week yet again, so he's still got 33½ hours to make up in 3 days, which is over 11 hours a day to hit the minimum which he's never done before in his life and it'd mean having to do nothing but care for me from 8am to 7.30pm without a break from now until Sunday, which reallistically just won't happen 'cos he's yet to reach that in a month let alone a day and I've got the spreadsheets to prove it since 1st January this year.


Steve's supposed to be getting his glasses fixed again this morning and I'm predicting, at 6.43am, that he'll be fast asleep when they arrive, wake up in a world of confusion (thinking that whatever he was dreaming about is reality), will take several seconds to return to real life then won't be able to find his glasses even though it was him that agreed to the time yesterday.

I've taken my morning pills and set the virus scan running so time to check my email and the forum and stuff now, then get on with the news.

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