Thursday 28 July 2022

Afternoon all

Sorry I didn't do my normal morning post first thing but my browsers and programmes decided to play games this morning while my monthly virus scan was underway and I was extremely limited in what I could do for those few hours.  I'm back now though for the rest of the day and I've already cared for my carer for almost 5½ hours today.

My carer has had his two meals so far today and all I've had is a Graze punnet and a portion of peanuts.  He's decided that "because it'll be after 6pm when I get home tonight, I'm gonna get a[nother] take-away for my tea tonight" so I'll be getting through today on the 767 calories that I had this morning 'cos there isn't anything else that I can have in the house that doesn't require cooking.  Far from healthy, but it's what I'm forced to put up with.

I've taken my morning pills and watered the plants and seedlings twice today, so I've just gotta spend the rest of the day caring for my carer and using up as few calories as possible so that I don't lose more weight than I lost last week.


We're going over to see Steve's mum and sister for Sunday lunch again this week, which'll mean that we've seen his family the same number of times in 10 days as I've seen my mum since June 2010.


Time to go and fill my glass with pop to try and get another 10 calories inside me... I need all the calories I can get now. 

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