Friday 22 July 2022

Mornin' all

How are you all doing this morning?

It's gonna be a high pollen count today 'cos I've already started sniffing and sneezing, my eyes are itching and watery and my body aches all over so if I'm being affected so badly before 7am, imagine what it'll be like later on when all the flowers have woken up!!

I've already taken my morning pills and cared for my carer for over 90 minutes, so when he's finished getting washed at the kitchen sink, I'll go and make his breakfast for him.  It seems like he's still up for cooking our lunch for us today, which'll be the first time this week.

I've got someone coming over from Olio to pick up Steve's milk today and I've gotta water the plants and seedlings when I can get to the kitchen sink which'll send my hayfever through the roof, then I've gotta carry on reading and reviewing a book that I'm really enjoying.


The virus scan was reassuringly clear and yesterday mornings backups were all there so I didn't need to restart the backups again this morning, thankfully

Enough whining about my hayfever for now though lol

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